Feb 13, 2009

Looking for Nine West heels? Guess? Here we are.

Brand: Nine West (new)

Price: RM100
Size: 71/2
Code: Q025

Brand: Nose

Price: RM15
Size: 7
Code: Q020

Brand: Guess

Price: RM100
Size: 7
Code: Q005

Brand: Nose

Price: RM15
Size: 7
Code: Q010

Hurry Hurry! First come first serve basis!
Why wait? Book one now!


Looking for bags . . . ? You are on the right track.

Brand: Lesportsac

Price: RM50
Code: U010

Brand: Roxy

Price: RM50
Code: U030

Brand: Tom Girl

Price: RM15
Code: U040

Brand: Oreef

Price: RM20
Code: U015

Brand: Miss Whatever

Price: RM25
Code: U050

Brand: Kitty Cat

Price: RM20
Code: U035

Brand: Guess

Price: RM100
Code: U085

Brand: Body Glove

Price: RM40
Code: U055

Brand: Amliya Phone Bag

Price: RM100
Code: U005

Brand: Beaded Pouch

Price: RM10
Code: U045

Hurry while stock last! First come first serve basis.


QandCo present . . . . Online Bundle.

OK! This is a new online shopping stuff and we called it Online Bundle. Managed by Izzah (me) and Qodoq.

What are we selling?
Goodies, secondhand original items such as bags, shoes, shirts and etc that are branded or non branded and of course it is in a good condition and you may purchase it at reasonable price. Guarantee.

Why 'Online Bundle'?
Since we have so many unwanted stuff, and we are too busy to ask people and go around the places to ask 'eh, we have this we have that . . . are you interested to buy?'. So yeah, we decided to promote our stuff at Myspace and this, blog. Do view us and add us at www.myspace.com/qandco. . Keep on tracking us. Thank you.

Terms and Condition are as follows:

* Q&Co. are here to sell those second-hand items such as bags, shoes, t-shirts, etc.

How to order:

To order online, simply message your
1. Name
2. Address
3. Mobile no
4. Email
5. Code
Here on Myspace or e-mail it to qandco@yahoo.com

Post charge (flat rate):

Semenanjung Malaysia: RM5
Sabah & Sarawak: RM10


Bank: Maybank.
Account Name: Izzahbillah binti Lon@Shari
Account Number:
16244 10 81385

Terms & Condition:

1. We will only post your item every Friday (once we receive your payment).
2. Do inform us via sms (0193998335) once payment are made.
3. Quantity are depends on the items.
4. Prices shown are excluding postage. *

Copyrighted by QandCo. Thank you.

* Copyrighted by QandCo.

Notes: Pictures will be upload soon due to the inconvenience of myspace system. Apology need to be made earlier. Sorry and Thank you.